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Different Types of Optical Switches

Optical switch is one of the most important optical devices that can switch the light beam in time, space and wavelength. It widely used in optical networks, also an indispensable member of optical information systems such as optical communication, optical computers, and optical information processing. Broadly speaking, optical switches can be divided into two types: interferometer type and non-interferometer type. 

Interferometer type relies on the phase relationship in the optical path, and phase control can generally be achieved by the Pockels effect or thermal effect. These devices are very sensitive to the environment, especially to ambient temperatures. They have a cyclic response to the control signals, which typically require monitoring of the light output, ie feedback, to maintain the desired state. A directional coupler is a typical interferometer type switch. Non-interferometric models can be made in a variety of ways, and they are less sensitive to polarization, wavelength, temperature, and other effects than interferometric devices, to control these effects is quite difficult. For non-interferometric switches, the dynamic range (or switching ratio) of the switching function can be very high. On the other hand, the dynamic range in the interferometer type switch depends on the exact balance of the optical power of the interference beam, usually the accuracy is low and difficult to maintain.

In recent years, in addition to improving the traditional type of optical switch, the research and development of optical switches have also adopted new technologies, new mechanisms and materials. The scale of optical switches is getting larger and larger, below are the main types of optical switches.

Non-interferometric switch

1. Micro-mechanical switch

2. The optomechanical switch

3. The adiabatic switch

Interferometric switch

1. Pockel effect switch. 
2. Kerr effect switch. 
3. Thermally drive the interferometer switch.

The overall development trend is toward high reliability, low loss, and small work consumption, small size and large-scale. Jinsu Optics is committed to providing customers with excellent performance of all types of optical switches, please contact us freely if necessary.


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